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A professional coat of paint can brighten up an interior space and our skilled team can make your project come true.


Nothing protects quite like a roof and we want to protect what matters the most for you.


Rain gutters and downspouts are designed to divert and carry rainwater away from the foundation of your house, our qualified Technicians will take care of the project and give you piece of mind.


Finishing drywall is the process of applying paper or fiberglass tape over the joints between pieces of installed drywall.


When it comes to your house, don't mess with the rest, trust the best. Build right.

Roofing Contractor in Atlanta

we make the impossible possible for you

We are looking forward to expand to all the southern regions to provide better, more efficient and ecofriendly solutions to our clients.

We like what we do and it shows when we see your smile

What we do?

Roofing contractor in Atlanta, GA

We help homeowners get approved by insurance after a storm has hit in the area. Our services are painting interior and exteriors, gutter replacement, siding, drywall, remodeling, roof replacement.

Our Homeowners Say

Richard Atkinson:

After 10 years of failing to get approved by Allstate, R&R Roofing came to assist me and finally I was able to get the beautiful roof I have now.






Martha Simmons:

What a great company! They got the insurance to pay for everything and I was able to get a brand new roof.






Kiana Stafford:

A big thanks to Raul and Victor! They did an outstanding job on my new roof and provided education throughout the entire process.






Melanie Sithole:

Great job and excellent customer service. We needed a new roof ASAP and they made the process super easy and fast. Highly recommended.






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4 months ago

When choosing your new roof, the question is ... How do you choose a tile color? Here are a few suggestions:

Often, the color of the roof is chosen based on the color of the shutters because it is ... See more

4 months ago

We believe in good customer service, starting on the first day and continuing through every close relationship, paying attention to every detail of the project we are working on.

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